My mother died as a direct result of dr error. He was trying to remove a polyp from her stomach and cut below the polyloop which caused massive bleeding. She passed away 3 months later when it opened up again. WE have had countless meetings with hospital staff including Dr. Powell, Kelly Falzon etc. They changed a few procedures due to our compaints, but denied that melena stools were present in the weeks following the operation. We obtained my mothers medical file at a cost to us of over $200.oo. This is where we found out about the dr. error and the melena stools, along with many other instances of neglect and misdiagnosis.
Kelly Falzon and Amy Whidden refuse to answer my enquiries any longer as they insist there were no melena stools. I even sent them a copy of the file where it is clearly stated that melena stools continued to be a concern.
I am angry, very angry that all communication has ceased and that no one will give me a satisfactory answer.

Y. Willemsen
SSW- Gerontology