I took my husband on friday evening to hospital because of his high running fever.The lady (Medical Lab Assisstant)her name is Paramjit and she was working in Emergency on Friday night.She was extremely rude towards us and when I asked to stop that unpleasant conversation.She was threatning me that she going to call security to escort me out.i would like to know the system.i would like to know the hospital who we all supporting a lot,The employess has no respect for their pt’s or Public.

  1. Hi there, I was in the emerg department at Brampton Civic on Friday, June 19th with my relative and if I’m not mistaken this situation sounds very familiar. I’m not sure if it is the same emloyee you’re talking about but if I remember correctly, the employee was only trying to help you. She was already attending to another patient and you were screaming at her, which was very rude of you and she was very polite towards your attitude. They shouldn’t have to deal with this at the workplace, and maybe that’s why she was saying she would call security.

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