Hi everyone
I just wanted to make a complain about the staff at Mackenzie Health Hospital. Located by Yonge and Major Mackenzie.

I had received a boxer’s fracture after an incident I was unfortunately involved in. Point of the matter is, I went to get x-rays at mackenzie health, which I did and I was casted. But nobody popped my subluxed bone back in place.

I went again because my cast had gotten soaked and thus ruined. They re-casted my hand but nobody popped my bone back in. After the Canada day weekend and the camping trip I had gone to I ruined my cast again.

So for the third time I had gone to Mackenzie health to be casted only to have the doctor (same one from the second time) say someone was suppose to pop my bone back in place but I was non the wiser because no one had shared this information with me. Basically he told me that a doctor who saw me last (HIMSELF, which he refused to admit for some odd reason) didn’t pop my bone back in and its now healed so it was too late. He re-casted me again.

Now I’m stuck with this slight deformity on my right hand because all of the 4 or so doctors I had seen failed to notice and push my fracture back in place. On top of that. No one wanted to take responsibility for it. I was furious, I debated even starting a lawsuit. I just hope this doesn’t happen to everyone else.

Also the wait times were incredible and inefficient. On top of everything they said I was “non compliant” for taking my cast off a few times. I think they’re just “Negligent” and should be properly trained to do such a job.