I am absolutely disgusted with the service and treatment my daughter has received from McMaster Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario. With my first grandson she wanted to have him circumcised but because they thought she had Von Will Brandt disease they would not circumcise him until they figured her out. She asked them just to test him and see if he had it so they could get him done right away. The hospital said no. They took so long to figure it all out that the baby was about 8 or 9 months old by then. Now because of his age they will not do it with out putting him under aesthetic and none of the doctors would do that till he was over 1 year old and because of this it is now going to cost her $2000 to have him done instead of the $105 it would have been to have him done as an infant.

Then she has her second baby and is sent to the same hospital by a paediatrician because they thought he had Pyloric Stenosis. The paediatrician said she was going to fax a not to the emergency ward so that they would know why they were coming. They get there with the baby and apparently there was no one else there. The baby had not eaten since 1030 am and by now it is around 3pm.They told them not to feed him until after the ultrasound. They waited almost 4 hours for the ultrasound and were not allowed to feed the poor baby who hadn’t eaten since 1030am and had puked up pretty much all of that feeding. The do the ultrasound say that everything is ok, hook the baby up to an IV because he is dehydrated then send them home. The next day around 4:00 pm they get a call from the paediatrician telling them to bring the baby back to the hospital the following day as he was supposed to have a second ultrasound (that the hospital never informed them of) and that she (the paediatrician) was going to call the hospital to see if she could book an appointment for the next day as opposed to them waiting in emerge again. She calls them back and say for them to get right down to hospital as the baby was NOT supposed to have been released!!!!! Can you believe that!!!! So they go back to the hospital. Everyone is being very nice to them and treating them good (since they knew they screwed up) They never read the doctors note the day before and did not check what was supposed to be checked the day before!!!! So they have the ultrasound and luckily that was not the baby’s problem. Apparently after the second ultrasound they say he has acid reflux. They write out a prescription for the baby and give it to my daughter. She starts asking the doctor there some questions and the doctor says to her that this is an emergency ward and we treat emergencies. Acid Reflux is not an emergency so talk to your family doctor. As soon as it was decided he had acid reflux my daughter said every one treated them like some parent that panicked and brought the baby in for no reason.!!!!!! Really!!!!!!! He had been puking up every bottle and was dehydrated!!!!! In my books that is an emergency! And it was the paediatrician that sent them to the emergency room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Every one told me McMaster is one of the best Children’s hospitals around with the best doctors. Well if this is considered the best care and doctors we are all in a lot of trouble. We will never go back to that hospital again nor will we recommend it to any one.
And that wasn’t even the end of the story. It was around 11pm or there abouts when they were done at the hospital so the next morning my daughter goes to the pharmacy to have the prescription filled and the pharmacist says they cant fill it because the doctor never put the dosage on there. So the pharmacist calls the hospital…….ALL DAY……and no one ever calls them back. My son in law called the hospital, they put him on hold and 2 minutes later he was disconnected so my daughter tries calling and same thing …disconnected. WTH kind of service is this?????????????????????????? This poor baby who can not keep anything down is waiting for some sort of relief and this hospital that is supposed to be one of the best cant even write out a prescription correctly! So now my first grandson is going to be 19 months old next month and going to be circumcised and my second grandson who is only 2 months old has to suffer and possibly get dehydrated again because this same hospital is totally incompetent.
I am not even sure that this letter is going to accomplish anything but I had to write it!!!!
Thank you
A very angry grandmother
Joanne Robinson