Today, June 21, 2013, I took my daughter into the emergency of Woodstock, Ontario Hospital because she was having a severe anxiety attack. They took all her information and there we sat. They moved her into the emergency room and there she sat in another room for over 2 hours. People who had come into the emergency after her had come and gone. Not one person come in and checked on her at all to see how she was doing. This is a new hospital with better and faster care, so they boast !!! I ended up taking her out of the hospital without seeing anyone and took care of her myself with herbs.
My experience with this Woodstock Hospital was never great. Yes we have some great doctors in this small city but something is wrong when you’re in the hospital for a week and they can’t even come in and help clean you up after an operation. After a knee replacement surgery I was left in soiled underwear for 3 days and brought home a dose of crabs. Hopefully this new hospital is cleaner.
If you ever get sick and are in Woodstock you may want to travel to Kitchener as you won’t get any type of good care at the Woodstock , Ontario hospital !!!!!!