Guelph General: DO NOT go here for day surgery. My name is Ashley and I am writing because one of your nurses used unnecessary force with me after I had surgery. All of the nurses were great except the old miserable lady who forcefully wiped blood off my swollen face right after I got my wisdom teeth out after I had asked her not too touch me. After waking up I was in an unbelievable amount of pain and I had blood on my face (which I was fully aware of). After being asked to clean my face I attempted too but I apparently was not doing it fast enough because she took it upon herself to grab the cloth out of my hands and wipe it for me. The force she used caused me more pain and bleeding than the actual surgery did and this ignorant lady continued to tell me that she “did not even touch me and that no one was there to see it”. And she was right no one was there to witness it but it just so happens that not even a minute before this lady came in I happened to take a picture of my face including the amount of blood on it. After touching my face so forcefully the amount of blood she caused was ridiculous and I also took a picture of that as well. As far as I am concerned with my face being so numb the fact that I felt her wipe my face at all tells me how much force she used. Its ridiculous and when I called to find out who she was it appears no one had any recollection of the event. Funny it happened not even an hour before I called. I am so upset with the way this one lady treated me I am not going to let this go. If she did this to me and I was only there for a few hours how does she treat people who are there all the time? Hospitals are nerve wracking enough let alone adding some rude lady who causes you pain where it already hurts, uses a very rude tone with you and then rubs it in that she can get away with it. Her tone of voice alone was just unacceptable. Having 4 teeth out today I could barely talk to her in the first place; her attitude was unnecessary. As I said before I am not going to let this go until I find out this lady’s name and she apologizes to me for her inappropriate tone of voice and actions.
The relations coordinator of the hospital just hung up on me and I am so upset with this situation it needs to be reconciled.