I am having a problem with Michael DeBakey VA hospital, a group of mental health doctors. This group of doctors have banded together to deny my mental health treatment. The doctors while employed by the VA and refusing to treat me a veteran, consequently refuses to follow Veteran Administration policies. My last mental health treatment was in 2008 at The Charlie Wilson VAMC. I need your help, for you see these scoundrel doctors having no regard or respect for The Veteran Administration, they are concealed among the mental health dept, Michael DeBakey VAMC Houston, Texas. These doctors act as if they are all-powerful, all-knowing and unassailable, having no respect or regard of The Veteran Administration’s officially sanctioned system. The only thing that matters to these doctors is, “the circling of the wagons”, ensuring their deceitful position is protected. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch, however, in this case there are many rogue doctors involved, each willing to disrupt or impede The Veteran Administration.

I began by indicating that The Veteran Administration and myself needed help. The VA is not aware of the rogue-faction within Itself. The unethical and deceptive practices which The Micheal DeBakey VAMC Mental Health Dept. rogue-faction engages in are medically and legally indefensible. Some of the many injustices perpetrated by this group are selective hearing, selective documentation, false data and deliberate fabrication of data, (not permitted or acceptable, completely illegal). By declining to offer or grant diagnosis, these rogue doctors are misusing and abusing their powers and the Veteran Administration. The rogue doctors refuse to follow the polices of The VA and instead follow their imputed goals.

“I have proof beyond a shadow of doubt, of my claims and statements”.