Recently my wife delivered a baby at Credit Valley Hospital. When we went to the labor assessment unit we were told that my wife is ready to go into labor and that i should go register my wife with the lady at the desk. I went to fill out paper work to register my wife. On one of the forms, i was told that the telephone that is in the room would be charged to me. I instructed the lady that i do not need a telephone as i wont be using it. The lady informed me that its “mandatory” and i cant say no. There was a box right beside the one giving permission to charge for the phone to also not charge for the phone. I found this to be ridiculous. I was being forced to sign for something i did not agree to just so my wife got registered. Where is the ethic in that?

The hospital has this whole page on ethics:

What is ethics?

Ethics is about right and wrong and the reasons that we give for our choices and actions.
In ethics, we address the question, “What ought we to do and why?”
Ethics promotes reflective practice and the making of “right” or “good” choices and decisions in the delivery of health care.
Ethical issues are often framed as “should” questions—e.g., Should we withdraw treatment? Should we fund more beds for the maternal child program? Should we disclose a medical error?
Yet they charge patients against their will for something they dont want…. i find that really bizzare. I know its only $3.60 a day, but its about the principal. Its like going to the grocery store for milk and the cashier telling you that you also have to purchase a bag of chips or else she cant make the sale…

I saw nowhere on this form that this charge is “mandatory” as the lady told me and if its a mandatory charge, why not just include it as part of the room?
I expect an explanation as to why Credit Valley Hospital is able to do something like this. Thank you

Konrad Tomaszewski