My wife had a miscarriage on Wednesday 8th May 2013. We have visited the hospital 3 times since then. Her last visit on Monday was for debilitating pain to wish she was given drips and pain killers. No anti-biotics prescribed. We were told on Tuesday that last Friday ultra-sound showed abnormalities to her uterus but NO-ONE told us on that day there were any issues and even when they did we were not told what it meant.

She was prescribed pain killers and sent home to wait on an appointment on Friday in the gynecological department. Despite her terrible pain we were not able to get an appointment on Wednesday. She has been in pain since then. It was obvious that something is very wrong but your doctors are incapable of dealing with the situation.

The treatment meted out by your hospital is the worst I have ever seen.

I demand that someone capable of dealing with our situation be put in charge of my wife’s case

Ethelbert Paul for Maria-Nicole Paul