I was calm, cool, and collected when I met the receptionist at the Royal Columbian Hospital.
I was told I was just going to talk to someone. Next thing I know my foster father is being separated from me by RCH security. I was detained in a cell. A group of security and (so called health professionals) decided to put all their weight on my neck. Hold all my limbs. I was still calm, cool and collected. I tensed my muscles to protect myself. They cut all my clothes off with scissors. I said “…you were violating my Charter of Rights and Freedoms…“. I studied to be a police officer in a criminology class at Douglas College/ Native Education Center. Earlier in my life I have communicated that the C.I.A. was trafficking drugs into Canada. I got into trouble telling the public this information. I know everything is connected in Canada and U.S.
They detained me for two days in a nasty cell. I repeatdly told them they were violating the Charter. Someone decided to shut me up and come with security to inject me with something to tranquilize me. I was crying, “no stop! my father died from heroin, please don`t give me the needle…“. My father did die from cocaine and heroin in the downtown East Vancouver. He died in his from a heart attack from his own vomit. I don`t take kindly to heroin drug trafficker`s. I have been more abused in Canada from finding out that the VPD are involved in the drug trade. My friend had his face smashed into the ground. His rights were violated. If you know too much information and talk about too much information. I found out that it is not good to communicate with the public. I don`t want MONEY! I just want the truth and no one to be abused at the Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. I sometimes still suffer from neck pain and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from being abused. I feel that no one should be abused in this world. War is very evil. Abuse is evil. Let`s all stop abuse together.