I went to ER at 4 AM for bad pain in back and side, requiring medication. Nurse put in IV with no vinyl gloves, Floors dirty, No water was provided until my wife asked then she was given a cup to get water out of ER hand washing sink, that no one seemed to be using anyway. 90 y/o woman next to us was told to go in the bed even though she could walk. She had diarrhea. She cried for help when no one went to help her my wife went and saw blood smeared on the floor no one cleaned up. In fact no mop appeared the 18 hours we were there. Even after a patient left the area only the bed was cleaned up, not the floors. We saw the Urologist after 16 hours of waiting and then it was only two young tired looking interns. When it was time to go a new nurse cleaning up the old woman’s bed, came to remove the IV in my arm and I had to ask her to glove up before she pulled out my IV. Sheets thrown on floor when changing bedding out after patients. This was the worst hospital experience I have ever had. I will never go back to St Joseph’s again if I am able to give my driver directions. God help us if this is state of health care in Toronto.

Sick, disgusted, patient looking for another hospital.