My 88 year old father was admitted to 3 North, a medical floor, where there is no HOT WATER. The floor is filthy disgusting and dirty. Patients, staff and visitors do not have any hot water to wash their hands. When this was brought to the nurses attention, she told us that the whole floor 3 North does not have hot water and this has been the case for 20 years. They have lots of infectious outbreaks, the latest was C. Difficile and this unit is quarantined quite often. BUT, they put new patients in, like my 88 year old father who has pneumonia ! How in the world can a hospital like this operate with an entire floor lacking hot or warm water. How are bed baths given … with ice water? This hospital was recently accredited with high ratings. I do not understand how this is possible. And some of the staff are very rude and have no respect for the family members that come to comfort their loved ones. My mum and I were called “2 vultures hovering over my dad’s bed” because we were holding his hand as they were poking his bloody arms for the 5th time to try and find a vein. This is truly an unprofessional environment with no regard to basic human decency and cleanliness. This hospital floor should be shut down immediately and all patients relocated.

Review written: March 18, 2013