I called 911 for my wife on Febuary 10th 2013.After being taken away in an ambulance,I had to follow as was not allowed to go with her.
On arrival at the hospital,some 10 mins after she arrived,I went o reception and asked if I could see her.EVENTUALLY I was taken through a door and told to wait in a family room and a Doctor would come to see me.
After 90 minutes I was allowed to see her.I found her laying on a bed visibly upset.They abrasively told me she HAD to stay overnight and be monitored,and would be moved to observation in the morning.
On phoning the hospital the following morning and asking to be put onto someone who could speak english the phone was slammed down.

I drove to the hospital and with the help of a paramedic,who showed me where to go I found my wife.She had been RESTRAINED WITH LEATHER CUFFS AND A COLLAR TO THE BED.Resulting in visible burn marks on her wrist.She also had a red mark on her throat which was caused by a LARGE”security” person holding her down.They had “LOST” the clothes she was admitted in.No treatment had been given to her and she was accused of being a drug addict(due to her having morphine injections regularly……..perscribed for pain by her surgeon 5 years before for a broken neck etc).
The treament of my wife was that of an animal in a cage.Totally disgusting throughout.