patient advocate monica staley
ceo david
manger jonathon
camila colthurst
patient nov – discharge- Purple 1
jan 30 2013

The management does not want to provide patients with their rights about the capable assesment mother was deemeed incapable of dec 5 and the sent in the form.
now that she ready for discharge the dr has not provided the pgt office Linda Smily 199 Dundas Street, 1st Floor, Suite 100, London, ON, N6A 1G4
Tel.: (519) 660-3140
Toll-free: 1-800-891-0504
Fax: (519) 660 -3148
PGT office has all her mail going to the office but the proper steps were not taken any more forms no assesment has been done there is a power of attorney on file the dr has not sent in a letter saying one is on file the dr is telling my mother she has no right to appeal assesment
my mother appeal is 01-29-2013
there is no one enforcing the rules of the assesments . the dr velehorschi does not write in the chart whenever mother has seen the dr she asks to have someone with her and finally 01-23-2013 they had the nurse and ot in with her.
patients at the tayfour campus are limited
social worker pam tayfour
they are not working with the patients.