At 5am on December 18th, I woke up with severe pain in my right side, just under my ribcage.. The pain was so bad, I was on the brink of going into shock.. My girlfriend and friend rushed me to the hospital, to find it closed.. On the way, my girlfriend called 911 and advised them that we had an emergency.. When we got to the hospital, it was still locked.. We called inside with the phone located at the ambulance entrance.. They refused to assist us, and said to take ibuprofen and come back in a few hours.. Now what good is ibuprofen going to do with pain so severe, that you are balling your eyes out and doubled over in pain, and struggling to stay conscious, and where do they expect us to buy medication at 5am, when nothing is open? The least they could have done was ensure that I wasn’t in danger of dying, or at the very least, open the door and give me something for the pain! This type of negligence is absolutely disgusting, and could cost somebody their life! I hope that measures are taken to rectify this issue, because that is a huge black eye on the Healthcare System, and I now have no faith in it whatsoever!