I was due November 16, 2011 at McMaster Hospital. A student referred a social worker to me. (big mistake!) This social worker, Valarie Fines, insisted that I cooperate with the Children’s Aid and referred me. She professed that “the Children’s Aid doesn’t always take your children”. (YES THEY DO!) So I have an on-going court battle with the Catholic Children’s Aid Society for a year now. My family has been torn apart for a year. I did not get to enjoy motherhood. My 11 month year old son has been in foster care since he was born. This social worker was in the delivery room serveral (more than 5) times a day. She drove me absoultely mad, and when I became tearful because of the harrassment, the hospital quickly put me in the psychiatric ward where I could not see my son for the remander of my stay. The nurses there were like little Children’s Aid informants coming to my room and reporting to the Children’s Aid. Total invasion of privacy. When the nurse, Katie, was advised that I will have a lawyer, she realized she could be in trouble. This was all orchestrated by one social worker from McMaster. And the chaos is still on-going in my life.