The professionalism at the William Osler Post Partum has taken a fair hit in the past few years. I would really like to bring this to the concerned individual that the attitude is very dimining . They use derogative tone . There was an incident where I was asked if this was my wife’s first or second child. Later finished their statement by adding that nurses won’t be there at home to do things for us . At the end of the day the mom has to take care of the kid at home not nurses. I find it wrong at so many levels that I can’t even express my self. We asked for a private room since we are all alone and have no family members that could take care of our three year old kid at home. When I went in the first time I went to the head nurse ( maybe Liz ) she didn’t even acknowledge me and responsed rudely that they have nothng available. When I went in the next day we were told that a private room has been given to someone else who request the room after us and this was an error due to the department being busy. We nderstand that the Canadian government provides the medical service as a benefit to Canadian Citizen but that still doesn’t qualify the behaviour to treat patient with no respect and dignity. I would rather pay in full and provide the necessory care to my family and new born. There should be some kind of accountability model for nurses that believe they are above the system and feel to treat this hospital with their own understand of business acumen . My brother had his daughter at trillium hospital and the level of service their was impeccable . Having a new born is a very special moments in someone life and can be extremely important to an individual . It should be treated as ” THIS IS SPECIAL TO YOU BUT WE DO IT EVERYDAY AND THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT THAT SPECIAL “