My daughter, at the young age of 26, lost a large amount of weight and had a lot of excess skin hanging off her. Her doc got her into surgery to have it removed. A fairly simple process, I mean we are not talking about a heart transplant here. She had this done on a Tuesday. They sent her home on the Friday even though she was telling them she didn’t feel right, of course they just ignored her statements of concern. As the weekend went by she was feeling even more worse as the days went forward. Sunday evening she got to the point where she couldn’t take the pain and discomfort any longer and an ambulance was called. She was checked out and then right off the the intensive care unit. It turns out she has an infection and now was even having trouble breathing and was struggling so the doctors thought it best to put her into a medical induced coma. Now we are all getting a little concerned as to what is really going on with her. As Monday evening rolled around the staff suggested everyone should go home and get some rest as my daughter was stable and all was as good as could be expected. Some took the advice and left right away and some took their time and that’s when my world came crashing down.Within 45 minutes of the staff telling us she was stable and well she was dead. CPR was useless and all their attempts to revive her were all in vein, she was gone.
As we tried to process what had just happened the obvious questions were asked, what happened that took her so fast? The coroner came along and did what he does and then the shocking news came out. She had an extreme case of sepsis. All of her organs were just fine, it was sepsis and that alone that took my girl. When we were told that there is no way at all that this should have happened then the real shock hit, which quickly turned into anger. Someone in the chain of people, right from the people that sterilize the tools all the way to the surgeon,nurses,resident doctors, whoever, but without any doubt in my mind someone made a bad call. There is no way in a hospital of that stature that she should have died. I need answers and I will get them. Someone should not be employed in health care obviously if they are missing something so obvious and ignoring the patients concerns.Her white blood count was extremely high when they sent her home on the Friday. For those that don’t know why that’s important, a high white blood count means your immune system is fighting something.I’m still in shock over this and becoming very angry. This shouldn’t have happened and it can’t happen again. It must be brought to light,details explained and measures taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Kingston General Hospital needs to figure this out and fix it.

RIP my dear child,you are missed dearly.