I am 38 weeks in my pregnancy I have no health card still waiting. I went to the birthing suit begging of November for a check up they check me over and said I would need a doctor due to I’ll be having a C-Section they referred me their clinic on Eglinton Road, I got an appointment for the 27th to see Doctor Tigert. They check see I am a cash patient they asked me to pay $3120.00 up front before I can see the doctor. I explain to them that I did not have that amount of money on me. I told them I have got a insurance from the UK I can used, they said no I should pay this money then claim from my insurance. Then the other lady asked if I could paid in instalment and she said no it is too late plus a lot of people run off and did not pay showing file they still chasing. Then the in dan lady said why don’t I go back to the UK, I explain I am far gone no flight will take me. Then they asked if no friends or family would pay the $3120 for me. They turn me away without seeing the doctor
I thought you can not used another patient to judge another patient not because others run off and they pay doesn’t mean everyone will be the same.