The main reason of why I am writing this letter is to express my extreme anger and disgust at the majority of nurses or employees at this hospital; the unfathomable lack of friendliness, care, assistance, ethics and professionalism is deplorable and is something that not only will I be openly sharing with you but will personally be happy to fund for further investigation of similar incidents, I will be contacting the Mayor of Brampton, Susan Fennell and the Brampton Guardian.

When being called from the emergency waiting area to the cardiac waiting area; the nurse or whoever this employee was did not smile, respond to a simple greeting or even respond to my concerns and questions, no eye contact was even made, unfortunately the name of this young, black, female employee is not available for me to provide since I chose to ignore this at first.
Once in the Cardiac area there was a total of four patients my mother included, medical assistance was not provided after a five hour wait around 5am. I had the unfortunate experience of having a conflict with the nurse on duty who also happened to be a black female quite older with a foreign name — a name that was not provided to me when I requested it — later on this nurse purposely hid her name that was displayed on her tag by flipping the card after hearing me ask for her name. My mother and other patients in the waiting area were in total shock and disbelief.
In few words the incident was :
The nurse called my mother to a room to which I followed due to language barriers — mother does not speak English whatsoever — The nurse was about to take an ECG, she asked my mother to take her top off and then turned over and asked me to step out of the room because she wanted my mother to take her bra off since “this was part of the procedure” to which I kindly responded “my mother is comfortable and wants me around” I also added “When the first ECG was taken in the emergency room they did not require her to take her bra off only her top”. The nurse gave me an unfriendly and deplorable look then bluntly and rudely as she freely chewed gum said to me “you are a boy , give your mother privacy and don’t tell me how to do my job” which was when I immediately proceeded to speak to Jonathan and an akward incident occured.
I walked up to the reception desk — or so it seemed to be — and spoke to Jonathan ( a male nurse or training doctor) I politely expressed to him that the nurse that was performing the ECG to my mother was extremely rude and asked for her name to which he quickly and deffensively responded with and I quote word for word his response ” due to confidentiality I cannot give you her lastmame but I may be able to give you her name . Take a seat and I’ll get back to you ” . Jonathan was not rude but his response was expressed with a tone of voice that not only expressed annoyance but was very condescending and I say deffensive because I clearly asked for her name and his response to inform me that he couldn’t give me her last name due to confidentiality reasons was uncalled for and extremely ignorant. Uncalled for because that was not the question and ignorant to even assume I requested something else that wasn’t asked for or as if I was not aware of legality in Canada.

I was told by Jonathan to physically approach and ask the nurse for her name; I did not do this to avoid any possible- further discussion with this bitter nurse. However right after raising my complaint to Jonathan he approached to another of his co-workers — a female by the name of Ashleigh — and openly and loudly engaged into a conversation about the incident , afterwards Ashleigh called the nurse and asked her what the situation was and they both publicly talked about it. On another note let me add how Ashleigh spent the entire night in full personal conversation with another female co-worker about friends, personal lives and non-sense — these things are noticed when you have the horrible experience of sitting in a waiting room for hours — their conversation went on from about 2am-5am when they both left together on their break I assume since they came back later on.

I would not be surprised if any of the incident are denied or modified by these employees to suit their convenience, which is why I would encourage anyone to investigate. If this has happened to me I am 100% sure it happens to many. This type of attitude is not acceptable anywhere, this type of attitude would never be accepted at any customer service related job such as restaurants and clothing stores where a customer purchases a product! Why would I get worse service in a hospital where they’re dealing with THE HEALTH AND LIVESE OF PEOPLE? It’s disgusting! I understand these employees might have to deal with a multitude of incidents and probably deal with rude patients but this is no justification to show misery or to be equally cruel to other patients.
They don’t know what every patient or family of the patient might be going through. They don’t know if someone is there to see a loved one who could be in critical conditions, they don’t know the emotional needs and sensitivity of everyone. In my personal case my father had just died of a heart attack that same day prior to this visit at the hospital. Experiencing their cruel and unethical behaviour has caused this extreme dissapointment.
These employees need to be reminded the nature of their careers to which they freely chose and where their pay is coming from. I will not donate to this hospital and don’t encourage anyone to donate their money to a hospital that has deplorable and malicious service.