I went to the Brampton Civic Hospital in labour. The nurse wouldn’t let me see a doctor because my health card was expired. (My birthday had just passed and at the time you had to renew your card in Mississauga, which was a bad idea if you are 40 weeks pregnant) After refusing to leave and telling her constantly to call OHIP and confirm that I was just supposed to sign a waiver, she finally did. And I got admitted. When I was there they acted really annoyed that I didn’t have an OB. Sorry, but he went on vacation for 3 months and didn’t transfer my file. They forced me to repeat all the blood tests. Then when I gave permission to the doctor to do a VE, he tortured me by shoving his hand as hard as he could and scratching me with his fingers really hard. I screamed and threatened to call the police and tried to leave, but I couldn’t walk. They treated me like an animal after that and left me alone for a long LONG time. I had requested an epi, but when the girl FINALLY came to set it up I was already in a lot of pain and starting to feel like I should push. I told her and she disappeared for another half hour. She came back when I screamed I was HAVING A BABY. She slowly brought a wheelchair and laughed at me for being angry. she walked as slow as she could to the delivery room, and left me with a new and very stupid nurse who didn’t know what to do so she kept leaving and asking what to do. The doctor told her to put an IV in me which was stupid because I was pushing out a head and she kept taking my arm and stabbing me with a needle and yelling at me that I was bothering other people and should stay still. She told me to shut up a couple of times and my partner threatened her life at that point and they tried to make him leave. She messed up the needles, ALL 5 of them and I was bleeding everywhere while pushing out my son. They came to revive him because he didn’t breath right away. It was nice that they paid attention to that, but I was a piece of shit to them. The doctor sewed up the tear but didn’t use enough pain killers and it was torture! They all left the room and didn’t clean anything. When my mother showed up. There was blood all over the wall, all the tools were still sitting there the placenta was just sitting on the floor and I was bleeding terribly from my arm. She went into the Hall with her cell phone and said she was calling a lawyer the police and the college of Nurses if they didn’t take care of me in 5 mins. They cleaned up and moved me to postpardum in less then 20 mins. I was never given the pain killers I requested and told I could take tylenol if I paid for it. Post pardom let someone from accounting come at 7 am when I had given birth at 3 in the morning and they tried to force me to sign papers and I couldn;t move my arms to sign them and she yelled at me and accused me of being another teenage looser because I didn’t have insurance. (I was 26 and married but thanks, glad to know I look young.) The nurses never checked my blood pressure because they couldn’t find a working machine. I was extremely sick and left the hospital with my son so I could get to my family doctor. The care there was so bad I still have nightmares. It was 3 years ago and I still can’t sleep sometimes. I hope they all go to jail.