I recently had day surgery in St. Catharines hospital. While awaiting surgery a nurse came in the waiting room which at one point was filled. She started going over the surgery with me. To my surprise she said several times out loud what surgery I was getting. Does our privacy not exist while in the hospital sitting amongst several people. I was appauled to say the least, I even complained at my follow up visit with my dr. I personally have no business knowing what procedure someone is having nor does anyone need to know what I’m having done that day. Would like this issue addressed.


    I’m very sorry for your bad experience. I can assure you that if you contact us we will take this very seriously, deal with these issues quickly, and keep you and your family informed on the actions we are taking. We are committed to a patient-centred approach, and if we are not meeting the mark, we are grateful that you let us know so that we can make corrections.

    Our patient relations hotline is 905-378-4647, extension 44423 or you can email me with a number where I can reach you. You may also consider asking to speak to the manager of the unit where your family member is being treated.


    Brady Wood
    Chief Communications & Patient Relations
    Niagara Health System

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