I was a visitor from Australia in Onatario for 5 days and due a medical condition I was send by the doctor in a walk-in clinic with note for immediate attention to Trillium Health Centre Emergency in Mississauga, Ontario. It took me more than an hour waiting in line to get to the Triad nurse and then another 30 minutes to get to the registration. After nearly another 2 hours I was taken inside to see a doctor. There I waited more than 30 minutes in a cubicle in a hospital gown but no doctor turned up to see my condition. After more than 4 hours since I arrived at the hospital I inquired from a nurse how long do I have to wait to see a doctor. The answer was it could be 1 hour or it could be 6 hours. So I told the nurse and then walked out and requested a refund of payment of $320.00 which the hospital charged being a visitor from overseas. As the finance office was closed at that time I was asked to come next day to get the refund. But when I came to the finance desk next day I was told it has to be aproved by the head office and took all the details. Sad to say, upto now I have not received the refund. Being in a opposite time zone in Australia its hard to contact over the phone to get to speak to a person directly. Though I have left messages nothing has happened and I have not received a refund. I have waisted time waiting and did not receive the service yet the hospital charge me a service not provided. It is a highway robbery!!!