Unbelievable. I felt like I was in a third world country during my visit to this hispital in Edmonton today. I went in because a week ago I had a common minor surgery on my cervix called the LEEP. I was told that I sould go to emergency if I experienced severe cramping. When I woke up this morning with severe cramping I went to the Misericordia. I was a bit concerned when the admitting nurse said she had never heard of the LEEP and while in major pain I had to educate her on what this was and why I was there. Then I proceed to wait two hours in the waiting room for a “special” gynocological room to be available. Meanwhile I watched about 30 people come and go with minor wounds, each one waiting about 15-20 minutes. Whenever we enquired as to the progress of my room, the nurses were short and even rude. When I finally get in the room, the nurse asks a few questions and I wait for the Dr., who was the rudest Dr. I have ever met. He does a quick exam then tells me my cramps are not likely related to the LEEP (completely contridicting what I was told by the specialist who did the proceedure). He orders tests. After waiting five hours and observing the mean uncaring staff all over the hsopital, the dirty walls and equipment, and receiving no attention, I begin to ask for information as to my status- everyone gets rude about it, even defensive. I left. I had no more info as to what was happening inside me and had no food for hours,no rest and did not trust these people at all. I no longer wanted them looking into anything. I told them I would have to be almost dead before I would be back. The rude Dr. patrinised me and defended himslef. I will never be back. I have never met such rude uncaring hospital staff, nor have I ever been in such a dirty hospital- I was afraid they would make the problem worse! For such an oil rich province, I would think the hospitals in Edmonton would be well funded. This one is clearly not. And clearly under poor management as the staff are unhappy and gossiping in the hallways instead of doing their jobs!