I was admitted to emergency on July 15th 2012 by ambulence. I found the ambluence drivers to be very uncaring and undecisive as to how I ws to be properly brought to the ambulence. I had suffered a really bad lower back injury and had passed out cold in my friends backyard. I was then lifted by the ambulence employees and never felt such pain in all my life in my lower back. When I was at the hospital i had vomited during admittance due overheating. I was treated like garbage after that. When I had been laying in the er area i was then moved from one area to the hallway, upon transport on the bed the nurse pushing me hit the wall hard because the hallway was blocked. 🙁 they left me in the hallway to sleep in pain and woke me up at 5:30 am in the morning and made me leave the hospital. I had no ride home, no wallet etc. I was forced to walk home across the city. Not a care in the world for my well being and health, and i feel my back is not recovering properly. I just moved to Guelph from Ottawa trying to reestablish myself working for Cargill Meat Solutions. I havent hit my 3 months yet so I have no beneifits or coverage for anything. life has been an absolute mysery lately and i feel the hospitals negligence has set me back even worse. Now im just suffering cause i have no bed at home, im sleeping on the floor. I had alot of set backs and was just trying to get on my feet again. Now I feel i might lose my job over the missed time and not too sure what to do. I’m filled with anxiety and depression now and in constant pain in my lower back. please help if you can i have no help really and suffering has been my path lately. 5198302357 i just filled out an application for disability, with no family doctor here in town neither