I will never take any of my children to credit valley emergency again.
I have been warned in the past about credit valley hospital specifically, but because of the urgency of my situation and because i did have good expieriences having both my children born at credit valley I took my daughter there when she became ill late friday night of the long weekend.
My complaint is not of the staff specically it is about the service. I had Taken my 3yr. old daughter in because she first started complaining of head pain, stomach pain and started to run a fever. with in hours she was vomitting profusely, thats when i took her in. when i was waiting in emergency starting at 2:40 am i started to take notice of several people leaving the emerge to try their luck at home or another hospital due to long waiting times. one gentleman had a 4 yr old and was also visibly upset about the lack of attention his child was recieving. From what i could tell there was only 1 doctor on duty trying to service countless people. people with minor injuries that came in after my daughter were seen before she was (maybe they screamed louder). The Staff seemed all to fine with people leaving with out being seen as long as they signed the release form. I felt hopeless for my daughter and was told the doctor will be with us when he can. i listened to others saying things like “i think there is more flies in this place than doctors”

We pay alot in taxes and deserve better service in our hospitals especially for the children and the elderly.