I’m launching this complaint towards the lack of care from some of the nurses at this hospital.
My father in law was admitted to this hospital, he was put on life support during this time he was not well taken care of in a matter of nurses duties which included changing his diaper/bed mat on a regular basis and rotating him every 2 hours so that he does not get bed sores. Unfortunately because of this issue he has gotten a rash so bad on his rear that its like he was burnt in a fire. He has been removed off life support and moved to another floor in the hospital to further his treatment for the original condition he went in for.
Now being on this floor he also has had poor care from some of the nurses,
examples of issues he has endured so far
– Calling the nurses station and them not showing up soon enough or them not showing up at all.
– Asking a nurse to empty his bottle of piss because its full no one shows up.
– Having to use your’re call button to get a diaper change because one hasn’t been done in 6 hours.

These are just some examples of the lack of care this patient has to put up with.

I have asked his nurse to keep a close eye on his rash and change him more frequently so that he can heal properly. I’ve advised this nurse as well of what experiences he has witnessed and all she can say is “it wasn’t me” or that “she was not there”. I’ve even had a nurse tell me that he is not calling them. I know this is not true.

All I want is for patients to get the care they deserve from these professionals who’s mission statement is to care and provide for the ill.


    I’m very sorry for your bad experience. I can assure you that if you contact us we will take this very seriously, deal with these issues quickly, and keep you and your family informed on the actions we are taking. We are committed to a patient-centred approach, and if we are not meeting the mark, we are grateful that you let us know so that we can make corrections.

    Our patient relations hotline is 905-378-4647, extension 44423 or you can email me with a number where I can reach you. You may also consider asking to speak to the manager of the unit where your family member is being treated.


    Brady Wood
    Chief Communications & Patient Relations
    Niagara Health System

  2. I agree 100 percent the nurses completely ignore the call and the doctor that has been treating my mother sent her home without a proper diagnoses and she ended up in an ambulance back at the hospital less then 12 hours later. I have found the nurses to be in compassionate, uncaring and rude at times. I am really upset that it has taken them so long to make a diagnoses. Cat scans come back and read but the doctor takes 4 hours to do anything about it. If your thinking about going to this hospital DONT find another this one does not care about your health plain and simple..

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