I am writing today because I am appalled at the lack of attention patience receive from the Doctors and nurses at your hospital .. Having a horrific experience myself last year i would rather travel miles before i would ever consider being a patient again at York Central.

On Sunday May 6th we brought my 80 yr old Mother in law to the emergency, we were unfortunate enough to see Dr if he could even be called that .. Dr Ping Foo who is probably the most dismissive, rude and uncaring Dr I have ever encountered in all of my years. We waited 3 hours in the waiting room and he spent a whole 2 minutes with us. Not paying attention to the fact that she has been ill for 3 weeks.. not drinking or eating.. low grade fever.. blood in her urine .. he never even listed to her hear beat .. He kept interrupting my Husband and talking over him . Instead of listening to what we were trying to tell him he focused on the fact that it took her 3 weeks to see a Dr. Not everyone goes to the hospital for the smallest thing in fact most people will only go if they ARE SICK !!! Mr Foo i refuse to call him Dr .. just kept insisting it was the flu because the urine test came back fine. Once we explained she was recently treated for Cancer he decided to order a culture to test for bacteria .. in my opinion the one and only thing he did that evening.. After that he quickly dismissed us and insisted we follow up with our family doctor… I wonder do your Dr get paid based on the # of patience they see ??

On Tuesday August 8th my Mother in Law was admitted to your so called hospital for Liver Failure .. that afternoon she was a yellow as a highlighter and was diagnosed with Chronic Hepatitis B .. something she obviously did not develop from Sunday to Tuesday .. Turns out she did not have the flu after all BUT she was ill because her Liver was not functioning properly .. Thank GOD Mr Ping Foo was not working on Tuesday or perhaps we would have again been sent home and instructed to follow up with our family Doctor. I wonder what would have happened to Mom if we had not decided to check in to see how she was feeling from her flu on Tuesday .. PATHETIC

While she stayed in your hospital it was VERY disturbing how most.. not all but most of the nurses spent more time talking about their day or weekend then actually taking care of the patience .. Our nurse spent 20 minutes flirting with another before bringing us a Hot water bottle that we asked her for because Mom has Vasculitis and it’s the only way she can warm up her feet… When my Husband was no longer mister nice guy she got the hint and finally did her job .. Is that what it takes at your hospital people need to get rude and upset with them … When another patient he had been ringing because he couldn’t go to the washroom all alone and 15 minutes later the nurse decided to walk over .. He too got upset when she said ” we are very busy” .. His reply was ” Yes busy talking” .. when the porter came to move him to his room from the Yellow zone the Nurse arrogantly sang GOODBYE just low enough for him not to hear BUT WE COULD … WOW great nursing staff …

While she stayed on the 4th floor in the East wing we had the pleasure of listening to a poor lady by the name of Rose yell and scream for HELP all day .. and all night .. To the point where my 16yr old daughter walked right up to the nurses station and said ” isn’t anyone going to help this poor lady, don’t any of you hear her screaming for help”.. it seemed to be more of an inconvenience for them to assist poor Rose… again too busy texting and catching up … and one of the nurses sighed and said in a sarcastic voice” i go home and i can still hear that ” … excuse me but did you not choose to be a health care provider?? How many times did a nurse ask my mom if she was ok .. if she needed anything .. water perhaps .. ZERO .. Not even once .. other than to check her blood pressure , take her temp or give her meds you never even saw a nurse .. OH you did actually gathered around the nurses station chatting it up …

I would suggest you survey the nurses and Dr at your hospital or supervise them a little more closely and do your patience a favour get ride of the ones who are no longer interested in being a HEALTH CARE provider … They all complain about being under staffed because of the Gov cut backs.. that his A Complete joke .. they need to spend less time talking . laughing and flirting with each other and spend more time doing what they get paid to do what our TAX DOLLARS PAY FOR.. taking care of people who are ill and not able to take care of themselves .. and as for Mr Ping Foo had i run into him at the Hospital he would have received a piece of my mind .. i might have even been escorted out of the hospital buy security, It may save someone life one day to FIRE him or insist he return to medical school to learn how to properly diagnose someone and perhaps then he will be able to tell the difference between the FLU and something as serious as LIVER FAILURE !!!!

I also plan on posting this complaint on the internet and I will be contacting the Toronto Star .. surely you cannot expect everyone to be treated in this manner and just keep quiet .. How many people have died because of your DR ?????