I took my soon (6), to emergencies at York Central Hospital in Richmond Hill. He had an injury in his hand. They took x-rays and said it was a crack in one finger. They just put a tape holding the broken finger and the one besides, and give him an appoinment to see the specialist in TWO WEEKS. I was not happy with the tape. I took my son to a walking clinic and they put a hard thing to protect the finger. That was better, we needed to protect his finger. I called to re-book that appoinment, two weeks are too much for a fracture. At that time everythig will be healed and if something is wrong how are they going to fix it?

They gave me the appoinment for 1 week after. We went to the appoinment and the specialist found that he does not have a crack in his finger, he has a fracture in BOTH fingers, not even in the same place the other doctor said. Now he has to put a cast from his elbow to his hand to get the bones to healed properly.

I don’t understand why they don’t have an specialyst in the hospital that can see people soon enough to fix the problem.

PLEASE, impprove the emergency service. People is even dying for this lack of resources, and bad procedures.

This is not the first time I am upset with this hospital. Last time was worse. My daughter (4 months old) almost got paralized because of the incompetence of this people.

I hope this change some day, and for sure I won’t come back to this hospital, if I have the option.

Paola Ulloa