2nd time, same doctor, horrible horrible experience. My sister took my poor elderly father to the emergency room where she had been to for a stomach issue. He had an allergic reaction to some meds he was on. They wouldn’t treat him, the doctor stood 3 feet away and said he didn’t know what it was and it was best for him to see a dermatologist. My father had TB last year, and although he has recently finished his treatment and is definitely not contagious, they treated him like he had the plague. All the staff were rude and uncaring. Even if he were contagious, is a hospital not the place we go if we are ill?? I do not recommend for anyone to go to a hospital where caring is not 1st and foremost. I now live in Dallas/Ft. Worth and the hospitals are all about quality and excellence. We had a TB outbreak at one of the schools here last year, and it was efficient and treated with compassion. This was 1 in many instances of bad treatment and horror stories of bad doctors and nurses in Canada. I’m so frustrated for my father, Although the healthcare is free, it makes me wonder how many others out there get to hang out at the Misericordia and get miserable treatment.