I have suffered from migraine headaches my whole life. It is getting to the point where the only way to treat them is by coming to the Smiths Falls Hospital. Every time it is Dr. Sangers (apologies if I spelled it incorrectly) I am treated with nothing but disrespect from her. April 18 202 was no different. I tried to explain that their regular method does no work anymore and all she said was “well i’ll give you a prescription to fill in the morning.”

When I explained I need something NOW, not in the morning she became ignorant with me and told me ‘oh well’. As soon as I threatened to file a complaint against her for the unnecessary disrespect her reply was “I bet you will” she then left, called the cops and accused me of lungeing at her and trying to attack her. The police showed up, saw that I was in no condition to talk, let alone ‘lunge’ at her and escorted me off the property. I had to resort to illegal ways to treat the intense pain my migraines cause. Another doctor at the hospital thinks I might have had a STROKE, I am waiting for a specialist to call me for an appointment up in Kingston. So when I hear that I might have had a stroke, go to the hospital to treat a semi blinding, speech altering migraine I dont appreciate being escorted out by the police when I could be dying.