My name is Jenny, I have an 21 months boy who had a visit to emergency room last Sunday (Apr 8, 2012). The doctor in charge is Neelands, Pat. We had a horrable experience when we were there. My baby had Otitis media ( ear infection) right ear, Dr Neelands gave him Amoxicillin Suspension 8ml/time twice/day. When my baby got that medicine, his health even worse. He cried more and did not act much therefor I had to call my family doctor and found out that he should take another one, not the Amoxicillin Suspension Dr Neelands gave us because he had that before. Although we did gave Dr Neelands our medicine we gave to our son, I dont understand why she still gave us Amoxicillin with high dose like that (8ml/time x 2 = 16ml/day he took).
And when we asked Dr Neelands should we come back to the hospital if my son continue has fever, she said “No, you should bring him to your family doctor because the gov has to pay $500 for each time u come to th emergency and only $25 for each time to your family doctor”. We was suprised. It should be our son’s health she should care about not the MONEY GOV PAY although we explained that our family doctor didnt work on holidays.
I’ve never EVER met a doctor who just talked about MONEY not PATIENT’S HEALTH like that before. When we go to the hospital it means that we need help for our health, in this case is our baby’s health. MONEY doesnt mean anything here, rite? Now our baby is very tired, he cried all days which doesnt happened before. He was a heathy and funny boy.
I think there should be someone do something with this problem. Lucky that our family doctor changed the medicine on time otherwise I dont know what gonna happen with my little boy.