Our second daughter was born on Nov 30 2008. Within less than 5 days of being dismissed from the hospital, our daughter falls ill. My wife took her to the clinic nearby and she was told she has a cold. A day or two later, the symptoms are still there and situation is only getting worst (turning blue). My wife toke our daughter to the emergency at Valleyfield Hospital only to be seen by a doctor hours later and to be told “daughter has a cold” and was dismissed. Contrary to what government and health officials recommend, I sleep with our new born in the same bed. That same night, we were a sleep with our new born by my side. I was awaken by the sound of our new born grasping her last breath. She did not breath, I have my First aid certificate and I check if she was breathing again. She was not. I did what I had to do to get her to breathe again and as soon as she was breathing, I got my wife to sit with her in the back seat and make sure she was still breathing while I drive to Valleyfield hospital. We saw a doctor who also said she had a cold but this time I insisted that they check her further as she was turning blue and the fact that she was not breathing when I woke up. The doctor kept on going in and out seeing other patients to see whether out new born is turning blue. Probably on the third or forth visit, he witnessed the fact for himself and order that she would be put on oxygen and also transferred by an ambulance to Montreal Children’s Hospital as they have better facilities to treat kids. Out new born was diagnosed with pneumonia in the lungs which had caused one of the lungs to collapse. She was admitted to intensive care for 10 days or less. We were very pleased that she made it through and she was fine. When she turned 9 months, we realized she was late on many things such as speaking, crawling, standing up. Her pediatrician said it is normal that some babies are late. She turned one year old and none of what you would expect from a baby is happening. The pediatrician asked for her to see a specialist. We were put on a waiting list at Montreal Children’s Hospital. Then later gave up as the wait was too long and listed her at St-Justine Hospital. We had waited fewer months and have been following up with all required hospital units trying to understand what is happening to our youngest daughter. After 2 years of testing and therapy she still does not stand up, walk, and crawls in an odd way. She does not speak words that you would clearly understand. Al test results have returned negative. As she was seen by many specialists, the words we were hearing it might be cerebral palsy , Angelman syndrome, blah blah blah. All tests did not prove any of those diseases. MRI showed that she has a small cerebellum. They thought it was genetics, They tested her more than 6 times and all tests were negative. None of our family members near or remote has similar symptoms. I am an IT guy who uses logic like many of you out there. According to research and documentation, lack of air or oxygen reduces brain functions and growth of the cerebellum. No doctor would admit that failure to detect her lack of breathing the first time my wife went to the hospital as the root cause. On the same note, none of them could explain how she ended up in that situation. She is a beautiful vibrant baby who is 3 years old and can’t stand up, walk or talk. I want to know how she ended up here. Who screwed up us or the doctor?