Nursing care and attitudes
1. Unprofessionally calling patient “mama” or “papa”…have the nurses even taken time to know their patient’s names.
2. Leaving medication for a dementia patient to take, without supervision.
3. Ordering visiting family to give medication, do the dialysis or other treatments like inhalers.
4. Even worse asking a dementia patient to learn the techniques in case someone in the hospital forgets to give them the inhaler…how does a dementia, or confused patient even realize it is time for their medication
5. Patient was in for 2 weeks, and cleaned only twice…when asked, family was told to do it thenselves
6. over half hour waits for aid to take a patient to the bathroom, or when soaked with urine..
7. peritoneal tube of patient often enclosed in diaper. When clothes soaked with urine…no concern as to cleansing the tubes.
8. Rude, insolent and lazy nursing staff. Not all nurses had poor attitudes, but the majority did.
9. Students were caring, polite, and signed off on medications after they administered them . How long before the senior nurses will taint them by poor examples, or insisting they do less.
10. Although the nurses were told on every shift that patient had dementia, they kept insisting leaving medication to him
11. 2 shifts …so 2 nurses every 12 hours. Over the period we only had 3 responsive nurses.
12. The patient’s 80+ wife sat by his side for the duration…day and night….physically and mentally exhausted, and the nurses tried to push almost everything on to her. We as children witnessed this lazy, uncaring attitude…and it shames me to be a Canadian, when one of our most basic rights and needs as individuals is being violated. I would go as far as to say that this was senior abuse…not care