I rushed to Toronto Leslie G hospital with my girlfriend who had deep cuts , we went in emergency to see a docter to get her stitched but guess what while waiting over 2 hours nurse’s were laghing and talking the whole time and to patients they are coldfaced i mean what are the Emergency section for if you can’t even rush it and do it quicker than normal service’s Canadian peaple’s Don’t get whats Emergency means i think , if this happend in other country All the nurses and docters are fired who’s let peaple wait for 5 to 7 hours to just see a docter who says go do a blood test and ill be back Another 3 hours
Getting paid by Citizen’s Tax is that EASY ?
don’t you guys Feel Guilty if i was one of the governer i would fire all u lazy nurse’s and docters you don’t Deserve to be called Dr , or Nurse ur services are Terrible ,
not just complaining Canadian Emergency services Gotta change from Bottom to TOP more docter’s and more assitance’s other wise this country has the WORST service in Medical of all countrys