To whom this may concern,
This afternoon my wife had a therapy session with an esteemed proffesional at our support center. she was advised to go to an emergency room in order to have a prescription written for an anti depressant medication, as she is VERY SERIOUSLY affected by post traumatic stress disorder and becomes incapable of dealing with everyday life. The hospital staff at the deep river, ontario hospital treated her as a second class citizen who did not require there immediate attention, she was told in an arrogant and completely unproffesional manner that she did not have an emergency and that she should sit in the waiting room. She then waited an hour in an empty waiting room while people who are employed by the facility spectated her growing anxiety before she finally began her trip home in complete disarray, confused as to why someone would leave another person who was quite obviously suffering in a waiting room to make some kind of point about the nature of her emergency.

I came home to a wife who was a blabbering crying mess, she has had bouts with suicidal thoughts in the past, i would like to express how displease I am the sytem my tax dollars pay for sent her back in that dirrection as opposed to treating her as any other emergency patient.