I made several complaints about these previously to the website and for some reason the site deemed my comments inappropriate when in fact it was the hospital, and doctor conduct that was inappropriate, negligeant, diabolcially violent. If this site is supposed to be a figure painting exercise in rehab class for the fools that noticed a problem then please close it. There are no lawyers currently willing to assist clients of hospitals when the clients are poor so a 2 tier system even in medicare Canada is enforced eg. they die often of iatrogenic effects aka doctor caused disorders. I complaint about god forbid psychiatric hospitals (holier than thou docs who have to deal with what should have been exterminated i guess)…. Yes hoppital complaints, sexism racism and prejudice among physicians and rotten care is a problem among Canadian physicians. I have experience with hospitals in Ontario, Alta, B.C. and Manitoba and why bother to name the particular hospital. The systematic eugenics based prejudices interfere with patient care eg. client feedback is not adequately considered, incarceratioin in psychiatric hospitals is done for dishonourable (ahem) reasons. If your complaint mechanism doesn’t want to accept the nasty facts well maybe you should go into psychology where there are 0 standards and you just have to be Anglican to practice in Canada as far as I know.