Kate Santucci
Nurse at Children’s Memorial Hospital
Home: 1938 W Roscoe Chicago IL 60657
Business: 2300 Children’s Plaza Chicago IL 60614-3773 773-880-4000
Internet Address:

I am writing this as a frequent visitor of Children’s Memorial, and a health care professional myself.

Kate Santucci, formerly, Kate Stineman, nurse at Children’s Memorial Hospital is horrible, unprofessional, uncompassionate, and dangerously incompetent. She is a disgrace to all human kind. Worse, this nurse’s ignorant with a huge attitude.
Kate Santucci has fallen asleep on the job, failed to perform critical tests, and stolen drugs intended to ease patients’ pain or anxiety. Further, Kate Santucci has failed to follow procedures for administering narcotics (for the pain) and allowed patients to languish for hours with dangerously low blood pressure, and that her written report’s full of errors, mixing patient’s age/gender/meds/symptoms.
On a subsequent stay Kate Santucci almost (thanks to my watchful eye) mis-drugged my kid 9 of 10 times during a five day stay, because despite not being familiar with a seizure med he was on Kate Santucci insist on the pharmacy dispensing all meds. At one stay Kate Santucci gave my son someone else’s breast milk!

These are just the hospital stays. The ongoing care has been filled with the same careless mistakes and poor planning. It takes days for call to be returned and then it takes weeks for anything to be resolved. I have written the dept. chair Dr. Epstein to no avail.
In short, I am amazed by how dangerously incompetent Kate Santucci has been, and even more so by the fact that she still works at Children’s Memorial!