l Eatons, morrows, bodes, etc. Lockharts,l.p.,r.a., muncasters, carsons, volecrafts, are all usinmg nuclear style weaponry to kill people in crowds large numbers. to burn them etc. on dissipation experiments,and to torture,the university community including the hospitals supports t his kind of murder …there is a nazi revivalism led mostly by university eugenicists amd those terrorized by these weapons. The elites involved in industry etc. overly self congratulatory have murdered countless poeple in cannada, people jsut gone missing. even foreigners visiting the community with left leaning ideals have been targeted, not only jewish americans but people from all over, including Polish Canadians, natives,and the usual targets of eugeics: the handicapped, the sick, the addicted etc. Oddly in the latter case doc. lp lockhart is a known drug pusher on the side as well as chemist and jack of all trades money making .

Freda Cull