I recently lost my father in June of 2011 at Humber River Regional Hospital Finch site. I watched him die in front of me from something that was overlooked by the doctors, nurses, staff at that hospital. He had a treatable condition, that if not treated, death was iminent. The hospitals prognosis before his death was, “Your father is not complying or participating in rehab,” “Your father is ready for a nursing home.” My father got a stroke a that put him in that hospital, but he didn’t die from that. he died from a bowel condition that developed while he was in there. He kept complaining to us that his intestines were hurting him, in turn, we told the nurse on duty of his complaints. Their prognosis, “Oh he must be constipated.” I thought my dad might have been suffering from bed and muscle fatigue, so one day i told him that i wanted to put him in a wheelchair and have him get some fresh air. It was okay for five or so minutes, then he started saying, “Please put me back in bed, i’m in severe pain.” I looked at him and he was black in the face or an ashen color, not normal. Again, i told the nurse of this. My cries were unheard, if they were properly followed through, this bowel condition would have been diagnosed and anti-biotics would have been administered and he would have come home. The day of his death, i had picked up some grapes for him because he had told me that he was parched for not being able to have liquids. I felt sorry for him and thought the coolness and juice of crushed up grapes would give him some confort. When i got to the hospital that morning i saw my mother crying and asked, what’s going on, she said dads not well. I walked into his room and saw that he was being attended to by more than four hospital staff. They were giving him needles and oxygen. I looked him in the face and saw his face was black or ashen, the same color i saw him turn two weeks prior when i put him in a wheelchair to take him around the hospital. The bowel condition had surfaced that morning completely, and there was no turning back at that point. if our complaints had been chaneled properly, they would have discovered his ailment and would have treated him for it. They all washed their hands in that hospital, it wasn’t any of their concerns, is the prognosis i give to the doctors and staff at Humber Regional Hospital. Heartless people desensitized to the care of the human people that are admitted there, getting paid for nothing but to allow people to die without even the dignity of care. I feel sorry for the others i read about, losing loved ones to the butchers in Humber. I met with Dr. Singal, and after the meeting he called me up and asked for my OHIP card number so that he could bill OHIP for the hour i spent with him in that meeting outside of his office and with other staff at the hospital. this is what he cared about, the 30$ he was out for the hour. I gave it to him over the phone in this manner, ” You have got some @@@@@@@ nerve asking me for my health card and i’m going to do everything in my power to let the public know what’s going on inside this place and to bring a class action lawsuit against you and your ass ociates. where do you get off allowing people to die due to neglect from you and the staff in this place? Have you no heart? Why did you choose to be a doctor if all that you’re doing is filling your @@@ ass with the governments money? This isn’t over, i’m going to post the outcome of my dads death at the hands of you and your cronies, and ask all the people who read this to contact one another and start a class action lawsuit against Humber for wrongful death, emotional distress, failure to provide the nessecities of life and violating the rights of the patients who died there because you and yours are allowing people to die prematurely without coming to their aid when you know you should be doing just that, looking into saving a life instead of killing them or allowing them to die because of your blatant disregard for human life. This isn’t over, not by a longshot.” my email address is,,,dom.a@rogers.com,,,,i’m asking all you out there that have experienced a loss of a loved one at Humber due to professional misconduct from the doctors and staff, to get back to me, the more the better, i know there are others who have suffered because of these people. don’t let them get away with any of this, stand up and be heard, identify that you are human, do it for the lives that were lost, the lives they let die because no one there cared for them, for any of them. Make them understand what they are doing is so wrong, even if it takes shutting them down so that others won’t become victims too. When my father was close to death, i was approached by a surgeon who asked us if we would consent to an operation on my dad so that they could take a closer look. I believe they knew he was dying and operated on him to collect their fee, yes that’s right, they didn’t say they didn’t do that when confronted, so then i must be right in my presumption. ALSO, the doctor who did the operation was so heartless, that he approached us in the cafeteria and started talking about my dads condition right out in the open to the amazement of ourselves and the other people closeby in the cafeteria, instead of asking us to go to a private room and away from others in a public place. NO HEART, callous bas@@@@@. Please contact me. If we get together and fight the system they have at that hospital, then others may live and not become a statistic of being ONE OF THE DEATHS AT HUMBER THAT ALLREADY HAS THE HIGHEST MORTALITY RATE IN THE CITY OR COUNTRY FOR THAT MATTER. Justice for the dead has to come with a legal fight and will be won from the mightier pen than the sword. in brief, this is my story, please come forward and let us fight them tooth and nail for the wrongs they are doing to society and the ill through a place they call a ‘hospital’, HUMBER is far from that, and the staff has nothing to do with anything that should be called a hospital. May God bless all of you who read this. Life should be given a fair chance ,but at Humber, all the people who died from the neglect they faced at the hands of their staff, must have suffered not from their affliction, but from thinking they werre abandoned and left to die. What cruelty. What ignorance. please, join in the legal fight and stand up and be heard. Contact me or/and a lawyer and let’s start that class action lawsuit. This isn’t about money, it’s about saving future lives and about stopping them from continuing to get away with malpractise. YES THAT’S RIGHT, MALPRACTISE. May God bless each and everyone who will stand up for the rights of the lost loved ones. Do it for them, because they weren’t able to do it for themselves. amen.