West Haldimand General Hopital has very poor staff. The majority of their staff is very ignorant and they have no bedside manors. My husband has OCD and he is a Germaphobic and when we went into the hospital we very politely explained this to the staff. The attending nurse was pretty good with it and accomodated him satisfactory, but when he explained it to the doctor and asked the doctor to wear gloves while examining him, the doctor laughed at his and questioned the reasoning. The doctor then put gloves on but would not complete a though exam. I was also in the hospital and because it was so dirty I asked the doctor to wear gloves while examining me and he laughed at me and then questioned me as to my reasons for 5 minutes after. I told him that I was more comfortable with gloves and that he sees a lot of patients. He said that he uses sanitizer and I simply explained sanitizer does not kill everything and I am protecting myself. He continued to laugh. He put gloves on and then said that maybe he should wear gloves to protect himself. I said that is something that he should be practicing. It felt like he was trying to insult me because he felt insulted by me asking him to wear gloves. This hoospital is not trained to deal with OCD and Germaphobic people. The staff lacks training and empathy. They need to retake the Desease control course, a sanitation course, and a course on disorders such as OCD and Germaphobic people.