after 6 month in the hospital my brother was told to have a colenoscopy and if he does not have canser he can wait for his liver at home. the day came my brother was sedadded and transported to the aria of his colenoscopy there some one heard him choke and they relised the position he was left by the stupid orderly with my brothers head lower then his feet and wile he was sedaded they caused him to choke by allowing his fluide to flow down into his lung and internally drown and weaken him . water does not flow up. its blatenly abviouse that my brother had a problem he looked like he was 5 months pregnet there lack of knoledge and care has coused my brother to die a week later in entensive care care wile we tried to get him ready they emptied 5 galans of luquide from his stomick when we buried my brother in sept 28 2010 i have asked to have a meeting recarding my brothers death in the hopes in implementing a semple test for the orderly. they are caring human cargo and can be responsible for cousing harm to pacients and have the hospital responsible in making sure they hire the best they are not doing there best becouse the chalange is removed the care and love must radiate through out the staff every one is emportant i lost my brother due to me trusting the system i dont know what to do at this point i fell resposible for not being there i could of pervented it even though i called and told the nerse my consern i cant stop thinking about it i need help i want to find out what could i said to save my brother why one yyes he can have the liver tranplant and no he is to sick any advice would be great emile ps i get get a phone call a doctor i assumed talked to me re some advice on what and how to handle my greff finally its nice to hear from them bravo for them