Very bad hospital… dont go there my dad passed away new years ever/day .. dr told he was fine and would be released in am.. i went home in a few hours they called me and told me to come right away..i did and he was dead… funny thing nobody told me why… he was on an oxygen gen and they somtime the nurse didnt get was new years eve.. first nurse said she found him on the floor…then the other nurses said he was in his bed… still no answer how he died…was not suppose to die..IT WAS NEW YEARS EVE NOBODY CARED!!!! this is why… so they told me it was his pulminary fibrosis NO IT was not…dr told me few hours befor that he was to leave in am…. i wish i would of got a lawyer…sombody help me please???? can i still do somthing..we have no money..

Giovanni Logozzo

  1. My daughter bled to death 12 hours after being released from this same hospital after having surgery.

    Please read (June one first followed by July entry) my blog at: No Accountability or Transparency in Ontario My daughter bled to death 12 hours after being released from hospital.

    The hospital, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, the Chief Coroner’s Office of Ontario, and the Provincial Liberal Party have all failed the citizens of Ontario. Patient Safety comes well behind their own selfish welfare and ambitions

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