freda cull on 5/28/2011

is that Arlo Guthrie being tortured on the sunshine coast bc why would this be occurring ; fail to be a tourist to the region and beware that lots of authoritarian and control freak types lie the cia hang here despite infrastructure bombing ongoing and “testing” euphemisms….well i dk what they are doing to A.G. but can someone make a call on his behalf I am alledging that Nathanial Branden and Santana are torturing him. They both have tortured me as well but also so many other people seem to have this capability here….named have been pinochet,barbie, and the sandanistas were reported to be a problem before…Just before they die attempt to bring back the hell they created earlier. if in therapy officially you have the right to choose and refuse and the right to see a lawyer but lawyers are not plentiful.