Helen Birsahn on 5/12/2011

My 8 yr old daughter went in for a follow up appointment for a broken shoulder. She had to start with an xray prior to the Doctor seeing her. When she came out of the xray, she said that the lady asked her if she was pregnant. At first she said she thought it was a joke, and then the lady said she had to ask her that prior to the xray. My daughter said that the other xray technician (male) questioned why the student would ask an 8yr old if she was pregnant and that her chart clearly stated her age. The student then didn’t know what to say and told my daughter that she looked 13 and that’s why she asked her the question. First of all…the information was on my daughter’s chart. Secondly-what 8 yr old even thinks or knows about having sex, and becoming pregnant. Now I have a few things to deal with-explaing to my daughter why she was asked that question, as well as explaining the whole procreation process. 2 ladies later came and apologized to me, and told me it was the norm to ask those questions prior to an xray—SERIOUSLY….would you ask your 8yr old that kind of question. I would think that anyone with an 8yr old would know where they were or what they were doing at all times. I have never been so disgusted in my life. Mistakes do happen. A little common sense in this case would have avoided such a situation—-you can’t apply everything you learn in the books to every situation!