Md Khalekuzzaman on 4/12/2011

My son is 26 months. He has been having fever for last two days. Today (April 11, 2011) suddenly his fever went high around noon and my wife who has been taking care of him got anxious and call 911. Previously my son has got a fever seizures attack. The EMS came and took him to the hospital. My wife went to hospital with my son. The doctor didn’t asked for any blood work or investigation. He just said that my son has got a throat infection to my wife and gave antibiotic. He also said that my son has to stay in the hospital for half an hour to check the temperature. But the nurse didn’t check the temperature and said my wife to go home. I went to hospital after getting my wife call for emergency, I was very anxious about the situation. When I have arrived the hospital, I saw my wife with my son standing at the front door. I took them home and took the doctor’s prescribtion to the pharmacy for antibiotic. It was just after an hour back from hospital, I came back from pharmacy and found my son is having high fever and got seizure attack. During this attack, my son vomited and about to chock. I did a first aid training more than a year ago; however, I tried to put him on the save recovery position so that he doesn’t get chock. My wife call 911 and the EMS came and took him to the hospital. This time a different doctor came and he asked for the blood and urine work to be done. However, they couldn’t collect the urine specimen since my son was sleeping after the seizure attack. This time the nurse gave him advil to reduce fever. Once the blood result came back, the doctor said my son has some infection but they can’t confirm until urine result. They give us an appointment with pediatrician for tomorrow to follow up. The first doctor breached his duty of care of my son emergency and showed negligence to my son situation and didn’t even care to investigate the reason of high fever. The first nurse didn’t show any attention and neglect to re-measure my son’s temperature and to give him medication to reduce fever. Something big can go wrong with this kinds of doctor and nurse negligence and we may suffer for them for whole life.