Cynthia on 3/24/2011

I have had the worst experience at St. Joe’s. I came in my early pregnancy, with abdominal pain and had to wait 5 hours in ER, after the doctor saw me, he requested blood test and sonar, for which I had to wait couple of more hours. I didn’t have my lunch and I explained to the nurse, that I have been vomiting all day and need to eat something, if it’s ok to just have a snack and come back. She told me I would miss my turn. The doctor happened to pass by and I explained my problem. He understood and told the nurse that he would do the blood test. The nurse would not allow him to do so, and said I have to wait my turn. Finally I got fed up after so many hours and left to a Walk in clinic. At the end, I have miscarried because proper treatment was not provided to me at my time of need. I hate this