char-lee on 3/6/2011

I went to napanee general with right side pain in back around kidney area. When i got there there was one person two hours later i have tears rolling down my face theres now 12 people in the waiting room coughing I asked how long more i would have to wait because I felt nausea and faint they told me 2 more hours because there was people in the waiting room that were sickier than I, There was people there coughing with obvious colds that they would most likely tell to take tylenol because you have a cold. Meanwhile the nurses are talking about what they are having for dinner and did over the weekend. What takes so long? Im sure the nurses shouldn’t complain about being over worked and under paid. I couldn’t sit i was too uncomfortable, standing wasn’t an option the pain was still unbelievable. I’ve come home in pain which is now going up my arm and i will wait until i have to take ambulance which i will take to kingston.