Sylvia Ferguson on 2/26/2011

My father has spent much time in and out of royal columbian hospital due to kidney failure. Back in Sep. or 2010 he was admitted and while there his upper dentures disappeared. the hospital claims they have no idea what happened to them and that it is not their responsibility. I;m sorry but when you admit a patient who is incoherent and unable to take care of themselves then isnt it their responsibility to put personal belongings that came in with the patient in a safe place ? this is not the only time his belongings have just disappeared however loosing your dentures is not like loosing a pair of socks dentures are very expensive. Although in separate stays in the hospital have accumulated to brand new socks and underwear and a cane disappearing. but of course they are not liable for any of it so I guess my father who is on disability and a fixed income will have to pay for the incompetence of those who are entrusted to care for him when he stays at Royal columbian hospital