J. M. on 12/31/2010

I am a 34yr old paraplegic,I was in a car accident 7yrs ago.I have the unfortunate experience of being at the grey nuns because I ran out of my oxycontin meds that I’ve been taking since my accident.They were prescribed to me by the glenrose hospital when I got out 7yrs ago, and before my accident I didn’t even take aspirin!I was naive to the drug oxycontin but soon it became part of my life.Now I’m sitting here in emergency waiting to see a doctor.when I was being admitted the nurse told me that they had no doctors with power to perscribe me my meds, or should I say there’s no doctors that will give it to me willingly cause that’s how they treat people addicted to something given to them by other doctors in the first place!I’ve tried quitting but realize it’s impossible now and that what I was prescribed in the beginning was an early death sentence.Parking is $1.75 per half hour and I’ve got hours to wait according to the extra special nurse because it’s her discretion….did I mention I have mouse size bladder since I was put in this chair.For those who don’t know oxycontin is the worst drug in the world…you get violently sick and I get muscle spasms that throw me out of my chair,literally.I wish I was home being it’s 3hrs before new years eve with my wife but instead I’m here with nurses and doctors that don’t care.Because now society says it’s bad and don’t perscribe anymore, I’ll suffer for it when only 7 hrs ago I told the doctor I didn’t want to be on morphine and he I guess ..forgot to take me off and sent me home with a big bottle of oxycontin 80’s!!! If you ask me it’s one big scam and there is such thing as THE MAN!!! I even brought a shoppers drug mart print out showing how long and how much I’m on and the nurse just coldly said all they can do is help me with pain management…pain management!!! They can’t even give a few days worth till I can get in to see my doctor … I hate being looked down upon because your addicted to something the hospital gave you in the first place… No one ever told me I would get addicted to this until after I was addicted! Ironic I think don’t you???!!!